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 Guild guidelines.

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Guild guidelines. Empty
PostSubject: Guild guidelines.   Guild guidelines. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 8:58 am

Avators of Valhalla have no direct guide lines, but to get
banned from our guild there have to be preformed unappropriate behavior towards other members, and at least 2 officers and one of theese must be guild leader, must agreed to banning.

There will be given 1 warning of missbehaviour, second is out.

Also if ppl are inactive in game for over a month they will be removed as guild member.

Ppl that are removed from guild due to missbehaviour of any kind will also be removed from forum, this also follows somone that quits in the guild.

We do take pride in that we arent kicking ppl out for no reasons, and members treat other members with respect and kindness, look at rules of conduct that area net provides.

We also do try to help members as far as we can, but
also ask for understanding if officers are buisy with other
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Guild guidelines.
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